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About Us


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We are a family owned business whose first priority is customer satisfaction. We take pride in the antiques and collectibles we carry. That is why our store is furnished with pieces of the finest quality and condition. We take great care and concern to make sure our pieces stay that way. That same care and concern is guaranteed when we ship our pieces to our customers.


We want our customers to be satisfied and happy with our antiques. That is why we were rated the #1 Antique Shop of Hernando County in 2000, by the Hernando Today. We care about what our customers want and need.

Besides showing normal signs of age, we want to make sure that our antiques and collectibles are in top condition. That is why we inspect the items that come into our store. We want to make sure our customers get items in quality condition.


Our business was born on February 14th, 1996. With 36 years of experience in antiques and collectibles, the owner put together a beautiful store in Spring Hill, Florida. Our items included the Victorian era, as well as the 1940's. Our clientele grew and still includes customers that have been with us from the beginning. Our business grew even further to include the internet and shipping to everywhere in the United States.


The Browsery

Our company also sells items on Ebay from time to time. We sell anything from little figurines to French Settees on ebay. So, click on the link below to see if any items are being sold right now.

Ebay Seller List:

A view of our store.